Menschen Geschichten Leidenschaft Neugier Hand

vonHand is a boutique agency. Flat hierarchies and a high degree of organisation allow us to manage a network of first-class professionals- as well as partners from the film, digital, R&D, PR, event and media planning sectors on a project-by-project basis. As a result, our creatives and specialists achieve a potential beyond the reach of classical agencies in terms of quality and conditions.

vonHand offers an agile team set-up depending on the size and type of the task in order to allocate as much as possible of the invested budget to our clients’ communication. During the project, open spaces in Düsseldorf and Berlin are available to the participants.

vonHand sees its strength in the creation of an effective media-independent idea that guarantees outstanding communication in the strictest sense. As its name suggests, the agency puts its focus on a high standard of craftsmanship and a custom-made, unmistakable solution for each client and each task.

vonHand was founded in 2017 by Andreas Henke. A graduate in Business Administration, he is one of Germany’s most award-winning creatives and has led two of the largest German network agencies as CCO.

vonHand works for clients from a wide variety of industries, from FMCG to intralogistics, from global leaders to regional specialists, from a global campaign to LED bikes at the Brandenburg Gate.

Within the framework of the “Workshop 110”, vonHand develops a concrete creative product together with the company in question. The event is divided into seven predefined steps, which gives it a clear structure and great dynamism. With our sights always set on a responsible use of the resources that we consider most valuable: time and attention.